Something’s Missing

by AJ Mihrzad on

Often times, we feel like something’s missing.
Like if we only had that “One thing” our life would be complete.
For some the “One thing” is
A soulmate relationship,
Millions in the bank,
A perfect body,
the list goes on and on…
Whatever is that end goal is,
it’s the feeling that something outside of us will make us Complete.
But we all know that no matter what we get on the outside,
we will always want MORE!
And often times, the ideals that we have in our mind don’t even exist.
A person who strives to have the
“perfect body” will be on a never ending
journey to achieve the illusion of perfection.
The Goal is often a standard that
always gets higher
each time we achieve it.
Each time you get to the top of a mountain
you realize that there is a higher mountain
that you Need to climb…
We must understand that the journey
is more important than the destination.
Right now, if I waved a magic wand
and gave you Every Single Thing
that your heart desired
Without having to work for it,
what would happen?
1. There would be nothing to work towards
2. You wouldn’t appreciate it as much as earning it yourself.
3. Life would be Boring AF since you already have Everything you Need.
Easy come, Easy go.
There’s reason why you don’t have Everything that you want right now.
Because Life, it it’s infinite wisdom wants you
to Become the Best Version of yourself
to achieve all of the things that you want.
That being said,
We all know deep down inside
that it’s not about the “thing”,
but WHO we become in the process.
The things will come and go.
Anything external is transient.
But what we have within
can Never be taken away from us.
That is why it is more important to
Celebrate who you are becoming internally
rather than what you are achieving externally.
WHO You Become
is far more important
than What you Achieve.
The human mind is designed to
always Want MORE
and it believes that you will
only become Successful
by achieving MORE.
The problem is that you will never feel fulfilled
if you are constantly striving to achieve MORE.
Instead of thinking about what is missing,
Take a brief moment to Celebrate
Who You are Right Now .
Compare your current self
to who you were years ago.
Enjoy where you are NOW.
You are exactly where you are supposed to be.
Stop waiting for the perfect moment.
Take this moment and make it perfect.
Believe me, you are doing far better
than you think you are.

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