I’ve Been Having Nightmares About Robots!

by AJ Mihrzad on

And thinking deeply about the exponential growth of Robotics and Artificial intelligence. Mainly, the effect it is going to have on humanity. Not so much about the terminator robots that revolt and will destroy humans into oblivion.
But that may happen a few hundred years from now…
The immediate threat is the fact that Technology will replace many more humans in the work force.
We see it already in every aspect of life.
Soon there will be self-driving cars that will replace Ubers/taxis.
Babies born today won’t even have to learn how to drive.
Attorneys, Accountants and Doctors will soon be replaced by a
software that will do the same exact job at a smidgen of the price.
With minimal error.
Did you know that a sex robot brothel had a waiting list of a few weeks because of all the people that signed up
before it even opened?
Yes, even some relationships will be destroyed by AI.
We have seen the increasing number of virgins that will never
procreate due to their addiction to internet porn.
Sex Robots will significantly impact many future families.
Please understand none of this is meant to close you off to the future,
but rather to open your mind to possibilities on how to succeed in the next few decades.
I’ve been fascinated by this topic for a long time.
Back in 2008 I read an incredible book called “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future”
Essentially, the book prophesizes that yes indeed Robots will rule the workforce and they will mostly replace
“left brain” logic-based careers.
Many that I have mentioned earlier will be replaced by technology.
Such as lawyers, engineers, pilots, drivers etc.
However, the “Right Brain” industries will flourish
and can NEVER be automated by technology!
Artists, actors, musicians, storytellers etc.
Essentially every career that has Creativity at its core.
Start to think about all the areas of your life that a robot can
NEVER replace?
And as you make a list of those things, you will fundamentally
identify what WE will Need the most in the next few decades…
There are already people far smarter than me that are concocting solutions to this inevitable outcome.
The biggest solution is to have a Universal Basic income for society.
This way most people can live off a decent wage and experience all of the triumphs and tragedies
that come with advanced technology.
And that will be totally cool for most people.
As we can see in this current economic climate.
However, the true change makers of the future will be able to harness the incredible power of Creativity!
And they will create an immense level of value
for all of humanity.
Sadly, by then the rest of the world will be operating on autopilot.
Einstein said that “Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun”
What if this AI driven future is necessary for humanity to transcend into our next level of evolution?
Creativity served us well when we rubbed two sticks together and created fire.
That is why I am optimistic about the future and the fate of
the human race.
Technology will create opportunity for the creative and disciplined.
It will also further hypnotize the weak willed that prefer to be
numb and run on autopilot.
Similar to what we see now.
However there will be an exponential divide of those that abundantly Thrive and those that barely Survive.
Creativity is the most important human resource and without it there would be no progress.
The biggest contribution you can make to the world
will be born out of Your Creative mind.
We can all see the writing on the wall,
it’s time to allow your “Right Mind”
to create the future
it was built for.

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