Live Your Life Abundantly!

by Pat Pilla on

When I think of all the times I take my life for granted, I am pulled back by thoughts of regret. Yes, regret. I know at times we waste a lot of opportunities that come our way, mostly due to fear, change or uncertainty. I am learning everyday to take a more positive approach to opportunities and hope that evil thing we call fear will dissipate and leave me feeling more confident. By no means is this an easy task. We must work on ourselves daily to strive to be a better person. In the everyday mambo jumbo of this world, we get quite distracted. I believe we have to learn how to pull ourselves back to what our purpose is and strive to make things better, not only for ourselves, but for the people around us. Helping people will make you see what your passion is.

We were all meant to live abundantly, so what went wrong? I know what went wrong. We became a society of wanting, wanting more and more. We never seem to have enough. We lost sight of who we are and have this great disconnect to other human beings. In reality, we are all the same. I don’t care if you are black, white, yellow, tan, green or blue. You are human and that is enough for me. We all have the same feelings and we all strive and hurt in various ways. That is why we need each other to lean on. We need each other to say, “Hey, it will be ok!” We need to look up to one another and share our weaknesses and our strengths. We all have them, and they should be shared. That is what human compassion is all about. We are very quick to hate, but extremely slow to love. This should be the opposite. Everyone, in some form or shape is hurting one way or another. If you think they are mean spirited, it may be that they need more compassion to break through their hurt. If you notice, many people who we consider nasty are really lacking love. No one, and I mean no one is exempt from this from time to time. We all have bad days and want to curl up in a bubble and shut the world out. Once you emerge from your own built up cave, we should try to help the unfortunate. Go and help the homeless, the hungry and the needy. Give them a smile, a sandwich or a pat on the back and comfort them. In reality, it does not take much. You would be amazed the little things you have to do to make someone’s day!

Right now I feel like I am in my own cave and instead of staying there I am going to do exactly what I have been saying, share the love! We all have love to give out and believe me, we have enough to go around. I am going to let go and live in the moment. I have learned that living in the moment, I do not dwell of the past or the future, or the what if’s, I can just live moment by moment this way my thoughts can’t get to crazy and bring me back to that evil fear thing!

Let us try to bring this world into a better place. Remember a little smile can go along way, Try it and let’s make a difference!

Release your uniqueness and let it shine!!!

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