I Woke Up With Post Surgery Pain And Felt Like Shit

by AJ Mihrzad on

I couldn’t even get out of bed. I slept through an important meeting & had so much work planned. I started off way behind on my schedule.⠀

All of a sudden, I started stressing out.⠀

I Hate feeling like this! ⠀

So I said to myself,⠀

“Why am I so tired right now?”⠀

“I wish I didn’t have pain!”⠀

“I’m pissed I missed my meeting!”⠀

“This sucks!”⠀

I NEED to be Energized & Pain Free!⠀

I NEED to get shit done & Be Productive!⠀

Then I got even More upset,⠀

because I resisted what was happening…⠀

Most times, we can’t Control what is happening,⠀

whether it’s being Tired⠀

or even waking up Depressed,⠀

If you wake feeling down,⠀

& you fight against the Feeling and say,⠀

“I don’t want to feel down right now”⠀

“I want to be Happy”⠀

“I can’t do Anything!”⠀

“I wish it wasn’t like this!”⠀


you could just Surrender to the feeling & Accept it.⠀

I know it’s not Easy.⠀

But the more that you resist something,⠀

the more it persists.⠀

So whenever you’re feeling something⠀

you don’t want to Feel,⠀

you must Surrender to it,⠀

because when you Surrender,⠀

you Do Not Suffer,⠀

that’s the Secret.⠀

When your life doesn’t live up to your expectations⠀

you create unnecessary suffering by wishing things
were different.⠀

But you must know that⠀

This too Shall Pass,⠀

like a Rain Storm,⠀

Bad moods, come & go.⠀

However, the more you resist being⠀

in a bad state⠀

the longer it lingers.⠀

Of course, do your best to feel better ⠀
& try to change your state.⠀

But if You still can’t change your mood…⠀

It is in these moments⠀

when you must Fully Surrender⠀

to your current situation.⠀

At the end of the day,⠀

life is about being at Peace.⠀

And the more you Accept the circumstances⠀

of your life⠀

the more Joy you will experience.⠀

The shit that we stress about today,⠀

won’t even matter a year from now!⠀

So do your best & live⠀

in a state of Acceptance.⠀

Learn Accept rather than expect⠀

because when you expect, you suffer.⠀

Your Peace of Mind is way too important.

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