Do You Believe In Ever Hitting Your Kids?

by AJ Mihrzad on

I was out food shopping & a rude little kid was Yelling at his Mom! He was calling her a Bitch, cursing & being extremely disrespectful! 🤬 All she did was verbally calm him down & told him he was not being “appropriate”. As she repeated herself, he got Angry & more disrespectful!

If I ever dared do that to my mom, she would have Whooped my Ass up & down the aisles!
I got hit as a child & I turned out somewhat fine.

I wouldn’t even think of talking to my parents with such disrespect.

I knew my boundaries.

It reminds me of the time when my 5th grade friend & I were at the mall.

He decided to show off in front of me &
called his dad an Asshole!

I was shocked!

I felt so awkward…

Strangely enough, his dad didn’t react & continued to walk alongside us.

Then about 30 mins later right before we ate, his dad stopped dead in his tracks,

gave my friend the look of death & slapped him in the back of his head!

My friends baseball cap flew across the food court.

He screamed a with deep accent.

“You piece of SHEET!”

Then his dad kicked him in butt!

“You Madar Fakkar!”

My friend started crying.

It made quite a scene at the food court.

Soon After, everyone realized that it was good ole parenting.

They shrugged & went about their way…

Back then you could hit your own kids without being arrested.

The public beat down from his father worked, because I never heard my friend curse ever again.

I think if a kid is extremely disrespectful a good spanking is needed.

As a kid, I got a lot of plastic coat hangers & random sticks broken over my back.

I’m not saying it’s ideal.

But Boy did I learn the meaning of respect!

I found it fascinating how my parents made weapons out of Anything they found when they were angry.

If you’ve ever gotten whopped with a fly swatter you know about the ninja reflexes of a pissed off parent.

I don’t think corporal punishment has to be that severe…

I’m not saying that you should ever punch your daughter in the head.

But a light slap on the rear should be sufficient to lay down the law in extreme cases.

It’s crazy how some the parents don’t discipline their children.

These are the exact families you see out disturbing the peace as their kids run around like loud idiots.

Jumping all over & throwing shit at random people.

I hope to be a father one day & I would love to discipline my kids with respect.

As a parent, I would definitely educate myself on non violent methods of parenting.

I guess you gotta train them young…

Some parents Master the stare of death & they don’t need to put a hand on their kids when they are disrespectful.

While others would slap the shit out of their child if their kid called them a bitch.

What are your thoughts? 🤔

Do you believe in ever hitting your kids?

I’d Love to get your Perspective?

Hopefully, when I’m a parent

I’ll make the right choices. 🙂

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