We All Deserve Some Grouchy Love

by AJ Mihrzad on

I was at a car wash and all of a sudden I hear a blatantly disrespectful argument behind me. I looked back and it’s an elderly gentleman yelling at his wife “Will you shut up already! All you do is keep reminding me about that Bullshit. Quit nagging me!” he said, but, she just kept on going on and on about something.

I’ve always noticed the slightly mean tone that older couples exhibit towards each other, even though they love one another.

They’re so comfortable in knowing that the other one ain’t going nowhere, so they just say what’s on their mind.

So while I was waiting for my car wash, I decided to strike up a conversation with them.

I figured it would cut down on the arguing and I would learn something from them.

So I decided to ask my favorite question that I ask every couple,

“How did you both meet?”

All of a sudden they both looked at each other and it was as if time went back 50 years.

Both of their eyes lit up.

I could faintly see a youthful appearance on their face as they shared their sweet memories of young love.

I was in awe by how much their state changed when they spoke about how they met.

Me personally, I just find it so fascinating that from the 7 billion people on this planet, two people decide to commit to each other, FOREVER!

“That’s it, she’s all mine and I’m her’s and we’re going to ride this thing until the wheels fall off.”

I guess no matter how rocky it gets, even to the point of cursing at a car wash, they still stay by each other’s side.

It reminds me of that cartoon where the old guy is all grouchy,
but he’s still holding the umbrella over his wife so she won’t get wet.

I think that’s what we all want deep down inside, a bond so deep that it penetrates a wall of anger.

It was pretty funny though because as soon as they finished their story,
the wife just went back on the subject and starting nagging him again.

I took it as an opportunity to walk away, but I gained some wisdom from the interaction.

I think we all deserve some grouchy love.

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