I Just Had A Shitty Float Tank Experience

by AJ Mihrzad on

I had a chaotic day and my mind was racing all morning. I scheduled a float session and was looking forward to it all day. I was fine with feeling crappy because I knew once I got into that tank, all my problems would go away 😜…Boy was I wrong!

When I got into the tank something felt off?

I was bumping into the walls and it felt super distracting.

I then adjusted myself, but salt went into my eyes and it burned like a mofo!


I got pissed. My entire body tensed and I clenched my fists.

I was angry that I couldn’t get in into the same peaceful state from my last float experience.

And that made it even worse.

Here I was in this coffin of saltwater, feeling Miserable and Anxious.

I kept crossing and uncrossing my arms.

My legs were restless and my eyes were burning,

It felt like forcing yourself to go to sleep after you drank 3 cups of coffee laced with crack.

Why couldn’t I get into a peaceful state?

My last float was filled with tranquillity but now I’m focused on negativity?


I couldn’t get grounded.

I just wanted to get out and say Fuck this Shit!

This float session sucked!

I felt so uncomfortable.

But then I remembered what the owner told me right before I went in.

He said,

“Free yourself of expectations, Let Go and enjoy the experience”.

So I started to surrender to the suckiness.

I wanted to get my money’s worth dammit!

After some deep breaths, my mind started to slow down.

I started to rise above the tornado of thoughts that were trying to distract me.

I began to Let Go and just went with the flow.

I started to observe every thought that came up and

I did not attach any feeling to it.

Soon as I Surrendered, I started feeling clarity and that’s what changed my reality.

Soon after Fully Letting Go,

I felt this incredible sense of Oneness.

It was as if my brain shut off and I connected deeply with my body.

In fact, it felt like I left my body entirely.

At last, I was free from my mind…

I then realized that this float experience is literally a reflection of my life.

All the shit that stresses me out is because of all the expectations I have about how it’s “supposed to be.”

Whether it’s our health, wealth or our relationships,

we suffer because our expectation of how we want it to Be

does not match our Reality.

I became aware that the majority of my day to day suffering is

a result of having expectations and focusing on what is missing.

But instead, I accepted that I am Exactly where I Need to be.

I’m doing my best and that’s all that matters.

In fact, as long as I do my best I can forget the rest.

After I embodied that.

The float experience shifted and I became super present to the moment.

I felt a deep sense of peace and gained clarity.

My mind started flowing with creativity

It was as if I tapped into my higher self and saw my entire life through a new lens of perception.

It all started with Acception.

There’s deep wisdom inside of you that is always nudging you in the right direction.

It speaks to you when you quiet the mind.

Like Ram Dass says,

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”

It’s as if you shift to love from fear.

You feel your happiest when you align with the divine feeling of Love.

It starts with Loving Yourself,

Loving the People in your Life,

And Loving each Moment, no matter how shitty it is.

The more I think about life,

the more I realize that you are creating your experience from the inside out.

Your feelings are nothing more than thought in the moment.

Your natural state is that of love and peace.

The more you realize that peace of mind

is simply peace from your mind,

life tends to get a whole lot easier.

I used to think that success and happiness always existed outside of me.

But the more that I experience life,

I realize that success is nothing more than a peaceful present moment.

I truly believe that inner peace is the new success.

What’s the use of always looking outward to feel complete,

when you are already whole and complete just as you are.

Needing Nothing Attracts Everything and when you fully Let Go your Life will just Flow. 😁

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